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About Jill Tunbridge

Jill Tunbridge is a renowned Flamenco Dance Choreographer, a known Artist, Published Author and Storyteller. Jill started ballet and Spanish dance lessons in Cape Town, South Africa at the young age of 3. Once she moved to Canada, Jill pursued Flamenco as her dancing forte with the help of several world renowned Flamenco artists.

In 2006 she started her own studio named as Flamenco del Mar Spanish Dance Studio with an aim to train amateurs.

Today, Jill teaches at a studio in Surrey, B.C. where she shares her passion by offering classes to dancers of all ages. Jill encourages dancers to perform in various festivals, theatres, weddings, family functions and other special events. Jill also offers professional instruction in Flamenco and continues to learn by taking workshops in Canada, Spain and the United States. Jill’s classes are suitable for all dancers and of all ages (IE: including dancers of other dance styles and those people who have no dance experience).

Jill Tunbridge’s classes are filled with knowledge & inspiration that exercises the mind and body. Focus is on learning different dance rhythms and song forms. As Jill says, “Understanding the compás is vital as it is the heartbeat that supports all things Flamenco.”


A choreographer can bring out an exemplary form of dance conceived in the mind through the gestures and movements of the body. Jill believes dance is more like living life till eternity. Jill Tunbridge being an acknowledged Flamenco Choreographer emphasizes the intricate details of footwork, arm work, hand gestures, finger movements, hand clapping, castanets, turns, and other movements.


Jill Tunbridge brings creativity to her stories and presents them in a form of poetry and prose. Jill’s first novel, “Like a Butterfly…Screaming” depicts a twisted tapestry of a strange and intriguing incident that happened in a coastal town in British Columbia. Her recent work is ‘Fairy of the Night and Still’ which is a poetic form of delight for all ages. Jill’s stories give an excellent illustration of the existing reality.

Jill’s books are available to purchase.


Jill was inspired by her Uncle who was a professional artist. Being passionate about doodling and sketching Jill absolutely loves working with a pencil. Every year at the Flamenco del Mar Festival Jill can be seen creating with doodling creativity on the thank you cards that she designs the performers at the festival and now sells thru her Etsy site. Jill’s creative work is eclectic and is an honest reflection of the outside world. This side of her persona sets Jill off on a whole new distinctive journey.

Jill’s art work  and greeting cards are available to purchase.

About Flamenco

Filled with passion, temperament and energy is what Flamenco is all about. One of the most enthralling art forms to be witnessed in terms of visualization and audibility. The most intriguing fact about the Flamenco dance form is its creation and origination. Flamenco was formed by the fusion of the Cante Gitano and Andalusian folk music. Slowly the music took shape over time and blended into three diverse forms of art, Guitar playing (“guitarra”)  Song (“cante”)  and Dance (“baile”).

Flamenco is a very unique style of dance, one that specifically belongs to the beautiful region of Andalusia. This is a Spanish dance form that holds an emotional depth which is envisioned through the rhythmic movements of arms, energized tapping of feet and guitar strumming.

Flamenco dance includes lots of footwork (stomping) the hand clapping patterns in Flamenco dance are all about rhythms, proud posture and the body that dances to Flamenco music. This dance form is also a profound and mysterious form that expresses life.

Class Details

Dance Schedule


Beginner/Intermediate:  6:15-7:15 pm*

Intermediate/Advanced:  7:15-8:15 pm*

*Just for Kicks Dance Studio, 13580 – 62nd Avenue (62nd & King George Blvd)

Classes resume on Monday, January 11th, 2020




Important Updates

Flamenco del Mar Company Rehearsal:
To be announced in early Spring 2020

Class Fees

Classes are $80 per month for 1 class a week (4 classes).  

If you miss a class, you are able to make it up within that month only. 

Note: Proper Flamenco shoes, skirts, leotards are required for dancers. Long hair should be up in a ponytail.

Class schedules are subject to change; email Jill at or call 604-542-2096 for more information and to register.

Upcoming Events

Showcased at events is the captivating Art, Dance and Written work of Jill Tunbridge

Flamenco del Mar will be performing at the Surrey International Children’s Festival on the Community Spirit Stage

May 23, 2020 from 1:45 – 2:15 pm

Jill will be attending the Las Vegas Writers Conference at the Tuscany Resort


April 2-4, 2020


Jill Tunbridge Presents

Fairy of the Night and Still

White Rock Players’ Club

1532 Johnston Road

White Rock, BC

                                                January 4th, 2020

Matinee: 2:30 pm | Evening: 7:30 pm

“Production was a Success! Thank you to all who made the evening possible.” – Jill Tunbridge

Special Guests who joined in the

Production of “Fairy of the Night and Still” January 4th, 2020





“Thank you to all guest performers that helped make the evening a success.” – Jill Tunbridge

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Jill Tunbridge, let her creative work INSPIRE you. Shop novels plus Jill's self designed greeting cards and more.


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