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Incredible Exercises To Unleash A Better Flamenco Dancer

We all know Flamenco is an emotional dance form and it is also very physically demanding.

Here are the few exercises that will make you a pro at the basics of flamenco dancing.

  • Sprints:
    If you’re a jogger, just apply a couple of sprints for 20-30 seconds, then continue jogging.
  • Yoga
    will work like magic for your posture while dancing. During Flamenco, your posture plays a very significant role.
  • Core Work:
    Having a strong ebb and back is quite an essential part of your flamenco dancing. If you regularly practice yoga, you’re already working on having a strong core.
  • Have a look in the mirror:
    Practice the basic steps of flamenco dancing always looking at the mirror, not the floor, not the ceiling. This will let you gain confidence in your posture and dancing.

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